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In these worrying and uncertain times, a large group of us have come together to create a network, a safety net for our community. We are ARLESEY GOOD NEIGHBOURS. We don’t want any residents to feel alone, especially the vulnerable or those who need of a little more help.

We’re all volunteers from a wide range of backgrounds. We’re not medical or social care specialists, just residents looking out for each other and trying to be good neighbours. And as we know, Arlesey has a strong tradition of coming together.

We are creating a network throughout the village of localised “neighbourhood groups” with a named volunteer contact in each. As with everything, the more who volunteer, the less the burden on everyone else. So, if you can help, please do.

The kind of things we can offer are:
o shopping;
o collecting prescriptions;
o dog-walking for those who are physically unable;
o listening ear.

We will ensure we maintain social distancing; nobody will enter anybody else’s house. We will follow all the advised precautions. Our hands will be washed!

Every house in Arlesey will be receiving a flyer with contact details of you allocated ‘helper. Those in need may also request help by contacting us by any of the means shown on our Contact Us Page